From aircraft build and delivery to operation and transition, we support the full aircraft lifecycle with a range of services for our clients.

Five Components of Asset Lifecycle
Detailed visual inspection of airframe, engines, certified repairs, systems, components and cabin interior.

Aircraft Inspections

Carried out by our inspection team, Aircraft inspections are covering a full physical survey of the aircraft. Our personnel have the appropriate experience, are familiar with the aircraft type, and can distinguish between the commercial and airworthiness-related aspects.

Any aspects resulting from the Aircraft inspection that is not in compliance, our team will record in the detailed inspection report with photos, so that every person involved in the operating lease can read, understand and evaluate the required information.

Witnessing ability of an Asset to operate effectively and conform to the approved type design.

Aircraft Performance

Our inspection team shall witness, verify and confirm the Aircraft’s technical condition satisfies all the functional and operational checks before the CRS is signed and issued.

During the demonstration flight, our inspection team shall observe the operation of the systems in the cockpit and in the cabin and come to a conclusion if the demonstration flight was completed satisfactorily or if any follow-up action or retest is required, based on any findings during the demonstration flight.

It is very important that borescope inspection is done after the demonstration flight, to guarantee, that no damage has occurred before the first flight of the next operator.

Aircraft Records and Certification Audit

Depending on the age of the aircraft, the review of the aircraft records can be labor-intensive work. Performed by our experienced airworthiness staff, the records audit is ensuring the documentation of the maintenance status of the aircraft and relevant technical records correspond to the level that is internally accepted and delivery conditions stated in the lease agreement.

Other Services